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Why Choose Blinds Over Curtains?

Are you planning to revamp your house and give it a modern look? Well, one of the most ignored areas in a renovation is windows. Yes, we don’t think much about how to dress those bare windows. But, window coverings are essential as they are more than just decorating. Brands like Luxaflex offers a wide range of window coverings that are not only beautiful and stylish but also functional that provides optimal light control and privacy. Luxaflex Blinds are must-have window coverings to keep sunlight and sounds from invading your house.

However, for most, it boils down to these two – Luxaflex blinds or curtains. Which is better for your windows? Blinds are an excellent option and here are a few reasons why choose blinds over curtains.

Suits any Décor

Not all curtains and blinds are made the same. It depends on the interior style you are going for. Blinds are easily suited to any interior style and it comes in an array of patterns and colours. Homeowners are incorporating blinds in styles like Scandinavian and industrial for its clean looks that help adds an element to a space. While white blinds give a classic look, wooden blinds are great for portraying the vintage look in a house. With the right selection, the blinds can transform your ordinary room into a cosy space that looks stunning.

Ease of maintenance 

Unlike curtain that requires a lot of maintenance and get stained, blinds are easy to use and don’t require maintenance. All you have to do is remove the dust and wipe with a damp cloth to retain its beauty. Though curtains are washable, it can lose its beauty after several washes. If the cord gets tangled or the blind doesn’t work properly, you can fix it.


The fabric of a curtain can be ruined over time. It is not the case with the blinds. In fact, blinds are safe for both children and pets as they cannot reach it. Curtains also hold dust mite and pet danger which can cause allergic reactions. Blinds are made of hard materials and are better at resisting dust build-up. With regular cleaning, you can keep your blinds clean. Blinds can withstand heavy usage, and it cannot be damaged easily.


If you want to give a fabric look to your blinds to complement the other fabrics in your room, you can have the blinds made from fabrics reinforced with wood, metal, or vinyl. This will give you a unique and cosy effect for your window dressing. Blinds can be used in conjunction with curtains and drapes as well. The variety of materials and styles allow combining and creating a stunning effect.

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