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Where Is Mold Commonly Found?

No one wants to invite mold into their homes. One of the apparent reasons is that inhaling mold spores are harmful and can cause respiratory problems. Moreover, it looks disturbing, no matter where ever it grows. It can affect people who are already suffering from allergies and asthma.

Recognizing the mold growth and considering Albuquerque mold removal is essential as it can cause structural damages as well. However, a homeowner cannot control and eradicate mold by themselves. A professional mold removal company Albuquerque can control and stop mold growth effectively before it worsens.

So, how will you know if you have mold in your house? Let’s take a look at some of the most common places where mold can thrive.


It is one of the most common places in your house where you can find mold spores. If you water leak in your attic, there are a high chance of mold could be growing in it. The dust that is accumulated along with a little air flow is also a perfect environment for mold to thrive and spread.  Fixing the water leak and proper insulation are the key to prevent mold growth in your attic. Check your attic regularly and ensure the air vents aids circulation to the area.

Air conditioners 

Condensation is one of the significant reasons for mold growth. Besides, the air your AC units suck in may contain dirt and pollen which triggers mold. Also, AC units that are not used for a long time are likely to contain mold spores.

Under the sink 

Mold thrives and spreads quickly in warm, moist, and dark environment. So, they are likely to be found under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Check these areas frequently and if there are any leaks, fix them immediately. Also, wipe down the interior of the cabinet under the sink with bleach or any hydrogen peroxide base solution to prevent mold growth. If you notice mold, get assistance from the professionals for mold removal Albuquerque nm.


As we have so many sources of water and are often warm, bathrooms are the perfect breeding grounds for mold growth. It can be found in on the walls near the water heater, on the bathroom mat, around the tub and toilet, and between the tiles. Keep your bathroom as clean as possible. If you find a few of those, it should be easier to remove by cleaning it with an effective solution. Apart from this, you should also fix the leaks and keep all the surfaces as dry as possible.


Carpeting is at the increased risk of mold growth if it is poorly maintained or regularly exposed to moisture. Even the dirt build up in the carpet can increase the risk of mold growth. Vacuum your carpet regularly and clean up the spills the immediately to prevent mold growth.

These are the areas of your home that are highly vulnerable to mold growth. The Albuquerque mold removal is the key to prevent damages. It is essential to inspect mold regularly and preventive actions must be taken accordingly.