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What are the expectations with Glendale services?

These services can be broken down into two main service groups. That is 1) Administrative HOA Glendale services and 2) every day HOA Glendale maintenance services. While we provide HOA management and boards of directors with guided assistance and expert personnel to help them fulfill their duties to the members of their HOA, they also contract companies to fulfill the physical responsibilities of HOA maintenance. The HOA Glendale administrative services include anything that can assist the board of directors and HOA leadership, while our physical services include anything that can assist the individual residents of the HOA themselves.

These administrative services are all encompassing and can help HOA leadership fulfill their responsibilities from fees collections to help with CC&R enforcement. Specifically, they retain CPAs to help with the financial aspects of their HOA, including collections and budget allocations, and attorneys to help them with any matters that may arise concerning their HOA , including property disputes or the legal process of setting up and maintaining the HOA . They provide specific trainings for HOA boards to recognize their rights and responsibilities within their association, and they have a sustainable, robust mobile platform that can easily collect payments from HOA Glendale members. to alleviate the burden of disciplinary action for HOA residents not in compliance with CC&R. They also enforce HOA bylaws and standards to ensure their neighborhood are well maintained and managed. 

Our member specific services include any type of Glendale HOA management services that benefit the community. These often range from home care to common area maintenance. They have partnerships with different Glendale contractors to provide their HOA with the hassle free services like Trash removal, Utilities contracts, Home maintenance repairs, Electrical and plumbing specialists, Lawn and landscaping services, Road maintenance, pest control etc.