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Three Awesome Tips when Buying Beach Towels

Many people do not give their bath towels a lot of thought until they need to buy new ones. When doing their research, they will have to consider many things such as how to pick towels that last and how to identify luxury bath towels in the pool of options that also include standard and run-of-the-mill towels. Before shopping for towels, make sure you reach the tips below:

Know that Softness Does Not Mean Quality

When buying towels, many people wander through a home good store and touch towels to find the softest ones. Although you must avoid towels that overly scratchy, you should not also buy towels based on their softness. Did you know that some towel manufacturers add softeners to their product’s finish? Such an addition is meant to make them feel silky and smooth while being displayed on store shelves. But, after being washed a time or three, the towels will be rough and uncomfortable as the chemical softeners have been washed away.

Choose an Absorbent Towel

Nothing can be disappointing than using a thick, well-designed, and soft towel that does not absorb water. Look for a towel that wicks moisture up and away from your skin. The best towel that has this characteristic is made out of Egyptian cotton. Cotton is capable of holding 25 times its weight in water. Towels made of cotton are expected to last and tend to get softer the more you wash them. But, make sure to look for towels made from zero-twist cotton as they are made to last. Towels made from zero twist cotton do not experience any scratchiness that other towels suffer after being washed. Also, they are heavy enough to feel luxurious without being dense. Check out great towel options at Balmy Towels.

Consider the Towel Size

You can have the best-looking, softest, and most durable towel. However, what’s the point of getting it when it’s not enough to wrap yourself in? Thus, make sure to pick a towel that can perfectly keep you dry, warm, and snug while going about getting dressed.

The beach towels to buy depend on your personal preference. If you want very soft, absorbent towels, find 100% cotton with dense, plush loops of yarn on their surface. If you are looking for towels that dry quickly and are more durable, invest in a cotton-poly blend or a lighter fabric that has a low pile. While fluffy loops make towels feel soft and absorb water, they can take longer to dry. Also, they are likely to show more wear from washing.