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Things To Know When Cleaning A Chimney

So you’re seeking information on cleaning a chimney! Perhaps, you aren’t able to clean the chimney effectively. Maybe, you face issues when clearing dirt and grime. No matter the reason, effective cleaning warrants in-depth knowledge and efficiency. Without the necessary information, you’ll end up with a less than desired result. When this happens, you could experience a number of problems. However, it’s easy to avert any undesirable incident with handy information by your side. Here are important things to know when cleaning a chimney for best results.

Important considerations when cleaning your chimney (smoke duct)

When it boils down to clearing dust from a smoke duct, many people are in a rush. They use a regular broom or similar items to clean the dust. Most of these folks end up with a failure. The truth is cleaning a smoke duct warrants particular tools and equipment. Without these tools, you just can’t think about cleaning your chimney.

For this reason, it’s advised to buy the necessary cleaning tools beforehand. You may shop offline or online and get the required supplies. No matter your choice, common items that you should buy include a flue liner brush, dust mask, drop cloth, flashlight, safety glasses, long-handled brush, noodle brush, and vacuum.

Each of these tools has its own usage. For example, a flue liner brush will let you clear dust and grime from the flue liner of your smoke duct. A dust mask will avoid the dirt from getting in your mouth. A flashlight can help to identify dust in hard-to-reach or corner areas of the chimney. So be sure you know the function of each tool to ensure effective cleaning.

After knowing the function and usage of each tool, inspect the fireplace before beginning the cleaning task. Look at the bricks around the fireplace. Be sure you’ve firebricks particularly meant for fireplaces. Regular bricks can’t tolerate higher temperatures like fire bricks. They’ll crumble and the debris will make their way into the chimney, making your cleaning tenure difficult. So if you’ve regular bricks, replace them quickly.

Now put on a respirator or mask because it’s unhealthy and hazardous to expose yourself to creosote dust. Creosote dust is also damaging to the chimney. It’s a combustible material in the venting portion of the smoke duct. In the venting portion, everything above the damper is meant for hot glasses and not actual combustion. If a combustible substance overheats and catches fire, it could lead to serious damages to those areas. So be sure to clean creosote dust efficiently to avoid potential problems.

Once you’ve inspected each and every corner of the chimney, start the cleaning process. Use the brush and other tools to clean the chimney. Don’t be in a hurry to clean the smoke duct quickly. Instead, take some time and clean every inch of the chimney using the tools.

Clean the fireplace walls with a stiff brush. Also, clean the damper ledge with the vacuum running. After cleaning, make certain that the damper is in the correct position. That will ensure fireplace safety as well as energy conversation.

Check the outside of the chimney for obstructions and wear. Trim back the trees that hang over the chimney; falling branches can damage the chimney. Install a chimney cap in place. It keeps rainwater, leaves, animals, and debris out of the smoke duct. Once you’ve finished cleaning, run a damp soft cloth all through the chimney to clear any left-over dust and debris.

Bottom line

Chimney cleaning can be a real challenge. However, it’s easy to take up this challenge by acting prudently. Just check important things to know when cleaning a chimney detailed above. Within no time, you’re all set to clear all sorts of dust and dirt from your smoke duct.

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