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These are some tips to consider before you leave your home for a trip

For different circumstances we must go on a trip and leave our house alone, but before we leave we must take some actions to protect it as much as possible. If you thought that just closing doors and windows very well was enough, you should know that a little more is required. For example, getting a threat call from a number is worse. But, it is not enough to call back and listen to slangs. You need checkthem phone lookup software. Don’t you think it would be best if you get all the details of the caller by just simply put the number into software? Think about it.

Then we leave you for points and periods what you should do to protect your home when traveling.

How to protect your home when traveling

Do not comment on your trip with strangers; neither in meetings, nor at work, much less in social networks. Avoid leaving any message of your absence on the answering machine. It is best to notify a family member about your trip. Try to leave the least amount of absence signs. For this you can ask someone of your absolute confidence to collect your correspondence, keep the door free of propaganda or newspapers.

In case you have a subscription to a newspaper or magazine, stop it for the time you will be absent, remember that when you accumulate it could reveal that the house is empty. Keep all windows closed. Do not leave pets locked up. It is best to leave them in charge with someone who can attend and monitor them. Disconnect all electronic devices, especially high-voltage devices such as microwaves, air conditioners, and blender. Do not forget the small ones such as chargers or decoder boxes. Close water and gas faucets. This will avoid waste or in the worst case accidents.

Another most important point

Valuables and jewellery do not leave them in sight. Do not store them in obvious places, try to hide them in small places that are difficult – or delayed – to find. Check the proper functioning of all locks and try to install at least one security plate in the doors (s) of access to the house. If you have an alarm; be sure to verify that it is connected and that it is on. Do not forget to give the password to a family member you trust as a precaution. Prune the trees and clean the garden to eliminate the possibility of them becoming a “natural ladder” that gives thieves access to the house.

Make sure you have closed windows, doors and any other access to the house, do not assume that you did. – Do not hide any keys in places co pots, mailboxes or shelves as they will be the first places to go to find the thief. Make sure to lower the volume of the phone so as not to show your absence. If you live in a building, notify your manager or a trusted neighbor of your absence.