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The Best Match

Choosing the ideal quilt cover sleep room can be tough, however, if materials are believed, real linen wins hands lower.

Luxury minimalism

Black and white-colored-colored minimalism is often associated with austerity, while not when fashioned from pure European flax linen. Real linen is famous for years and years just like a luxury item limited to leaders, queens, nobility and pharaohs with remains, some largely intact, being contained in castle ruins. Although its quality, durability and luxury remain well-known today, it’s easily available than in the past.

For your desire for linen

Pure linen has unique characteristics which makes it stand out as the best choice for quilt covers and bedding. Naturally controlling temperature, pure linen aids in maintaining a suitable temperature when asleep and also over the times of year. Furthermore, its characteristics allow skin to breathe naturally, assisting natural processes of detoxing that occur while sleeping.

Produced using care

Pure European flax linen consists of the flax plant, which requires less water to build up also to process, that makes it an even more sustainable choice. Small quantities are labored in batches and hands sorted to make certain only the best linen is shipped around artisanal manufacturers. Selected by discerning boutique workshops, pure linen is hands selected to produce the very best linen quilt covers.

Custom creations

When a purchase is received, an artisan seamstress selects the best fabric, cuts it to size and machine sews the merchandise purchased in starting to finish. The best technique is hands checked then given a light wash treatment before dispatch. The soft wash treatment coupled with natural characteristics of pure linen mean your luxury quilt cover arrives ready for use from day one.

Contemporary meets classic

Contemporary designs showed up at existence using time-honoured methods to working and sewing linen quilts and bedding. Striking contrasts built by 50 percent-tone kinds of jet black and optic white-colored-colored, lead grey and stone grey, salmon and chalk, aubergine and salmon, and a whole lot. Each quilt cover should order, allowing the customer maximum choice when choosing their combination.


Quilt covers are not only found accessible in selecting 16 colours as single tone or even more-tone designs, finishes for instance clean edge or ruffles might be added. For people undecided about the hues that they like, bit of fabric books which contains types of all 16 available colours can be purchased. To make certain you get your ideal quilt cover, obtaining a bit of fabric book makes sense when ordering online.

Contrast and luxury

Black and white-colored-colored could be the ultimate contrast, but it might be combined with superlative comfort and luxury of pure European flax linen to create your ideal master bedroom atmosphere. An evening means a far greater day ahead, so there’s every have to enjoy developing a master bedroom making all your dreams be realized.