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Smart Home Lighting Control and its Necessity in Daily Life

With the recent success of Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Homekit, smart home lighting controls are on an upward trend. It is quite marvelous how you can set the lights to turn off when you leave the room, switch on lights as the sun sets and even more splendid is the fact that it is not restricted to just turning lights on or off, it can dim the lights, change colors according to your mood and do many other things. Let’s dive deeper and find out more.

Why Smart Home Lighting?

Heal the planet! Smart Home lighting is the most efficient usage of electricity. It has been found that people forget to switch off the light around 70% of the time. Moreover, if you are on a holiday and worrying whether you switched off the lights or not? You can check them on your phone and can switch it off with a swipe of your finger.

Do you need a Smart Hub?

Absolutely not. Almost all of the smart home lighting control come with an Android or iOS-based application allowing you to control the lighting from your phone rendering the need of a smart hub pointless unless you plan on making your home into a smart home.

Options Available to Users

  • Smart Home Light Switches: These are installed directly on your wall socket and will control your existing lights. A bit of work is needed on the hardware end in this case but if you’ve already invested in a ‘non-smart’ LED lighting then smart home light switch is the better option.
  • Smart Lighting Kits: Complete package with colored bulbs. LED light strips, control unit. The bulbs plug into your regular sockets and connect to your phone giving you complete control.