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Simple Tips for a Minimal House

The minimalistic decoration excludes all unnecessary details and details that do not contribute to the overall composition, in order to emphasize only the absolutely necessary. It is relaxing, serene and calm and gives a contemporary and modern look at home.

Choose it because … You hate clutter and observe strict organization in things. If you’re a little messy, you’re struggling to keep your house tidy, you like your collections or just enjoy watching and exposing all your belongings around you, you’ll probably feel uncomfortable with the minimalist style in your home, and it’s not your easy to keep it for a long time.

Walls, Colors and Objects

 White is the ultimate color for the minimalist interior design and should be the base in any other color you choose. If you want to avoid white, try neutral colors, such as gray, soft beige, sand color or even light blue or green – colors that are colder. It is preferable not to escape from pale and natural colors and use intense colors in minimal decorative details. Bright colors – ideally only one or two – should be limited to a few pillows, a vase or a piece of furniture, such as a sofa. A brightly colored wall will match your minimal space as long as there are no other colors in the room.

However, it is imperative if you choose a bright color to move around and not combine more colors, because in this case the effect will be far from the simple, fashionable look you want. Avoid elaborate designs and anything exaggerated. Besides, the aim is to eliminate the unnecessary decorative elements and the general clutter and to have as few items as possible.

Storing is perhaps the most important factor in minimal decoration. Everyone has things they use continuously, and to be able to maintain a regular and clean appearance, you have to invest in many storage spaces so you can hide them! In general, you will need a few decorative items, which you will choose based on both their austere aesthetics and their practicality, and only after a lot of thought. Top Tip: A very large table, in the color that you have chosen as the bright color of the room, is much better than many small frames.

Furniture, fabrics and floor

Furniture, as a rule, should be dominated by simple and modern lines. Make sure to choose furniture from natural wood or leather or try bright colors and modern chrome plating. Better yet, glossy fabrics and straight lines fit well with this style. Finally, the low furniture looks less bulky, has a stronger design language and thus enhances the minimalist mood of the space.

Clean lines and hard surfaces such as cement, industrial flooring and wood are ideal. Of course, we do not have to overstep the removal. In the winter a carpet will add texture, warmth and practicality.

Don’t forget the walls

When we are talking about minimal decoration, then some Copenhagen posters on the walls of the house will make it look really fancy and minimal at the same time. Just add some of your favorite posters that will define every corner of your house and will make you feel really pleasant and comfortable.

Finally, if you definitely want fabric in your space, be sure to choose simple and airy fabrics. The bare windows will fit perfectly – but for a little isolation, choose simple, wooden blinds. If you feel that the minimal look needs a little more “reinforcement” without escaping the style of the room, choose white or monochrome muslin, nets in straight lines or simple curtains and you will achieve the result you wanted at first.