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Simple Home Exterior Improvements to Increase ROI

If you’re considering selling your home, you likely know that a certain level of curb appeal is required to attract serious buyers of real estate. Here are a few affordable and simple ways to boost curb appeal and your return on investment.

1.  Exterior Pressure Washing

A good pressure washing on the exterior of the home and along any sidewalks or driveways can often result in like-new appearances for these surfaces and attract buyers. Additionally, if you plan to do any exterior repainting, pressure washing is a necessary first step.

2.  Paint to Perfection

Shabby or peeling exterior paint is a surefire turnoff to many buyers who want a move-in ready home. Choose neutral hues that are warm and inviting rather than brash or bold, so potential buyers can see themselves living there. Even if you spruce up the front door and trim with fresh paint, it can greatly impact curb appeal with a minimal investment.

3.  Update and Revive Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the most visible aspects of a home, and since more than 90 percent of home shoppers look at online photos, it’s wise to invest a bit of time and money here. Updated landscaping can help homes sell 10-15 percent faster and for up to 28 percent more, and you can spend as little or as much as you choose on revamping the space.

4.  Install a Privacy Fence

Privacy is of utmost important to many buyers considering real estate in Pasco, WA, and a privacy fence can be a huge draw. However, when installing a fence for privacy, go ahead and make sure to invest in one that also offers extra security as an additional selling point. One can expect to see a 90 percent ROI on a secure privacy fence.

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