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Protect the wood from termites

termite is more harmful insects and thus some wonder about how to protect the wood from termites, once this bug to the wooden furniture in your home or Office, they spread rapidly and cause severe damage. One of the biggest problems that can experience in dealing with termites is it’s very hard to notice unless I gave him much attention and usually when you notice him would have already caused damage to your furniture,

But protecting the furniture of termites is not the difficult task in the presence of some pesticides that lets you get rid of it easily, just use them to help protect furniture from any harm.


Protection of wood from ants

There are other ways to protect wooden furniture from termites that let you deal with it, just read this topic until the end and you will find some simple ways by which you can protect wooden furniture from termites easily.


Furniture protection from moisture:

The moisture in the wooden furniture is one of the main factors that attract termites. Therefore, if you want to protect the furniture, clean it constantly by removing the dust using a cloth and this will be enough to protect it from moisture. If there is any leakage problem especially in the rainy season, Order it quickly to keep your furniture safely.

Use of cactus

All you have to do is take the cactus and crush it into a gel and then rub it on the wooden furniture because it acts as a barrier that prevents the termites from passing through it so you can protect the furniture easily and safely.


Olive oil and white vinegar

There is another way to protect wooden furniture from termites. It is a mixture of olive oil and white vinegar. All you have to do is mix them evenly and then rub it on the furniture as it acts as a barrier and repels the termites as it is in the cactus.


Polishing of wood

There are some paints available in the market that can protect wooden furniture from termites. If you can not polish all the furniture on your own, you can rent a carpenter for a few days and the furniture will be polished well and will help to protect the wooden furniture to some extent.


These are some of the best techniques that can help you in protecting your home and office furniture, but what if you already have termite injury? How do you deal with the situation and get rid of termites on your own?

6 Things You Can Do To Treat Termites

If you find any type of sawdust near your wooden furniture or have cracks and the paint is damaged, your furniture is definitely suffering from termites.


Examination of furniture

The first step that you need to take to protect the wooden furniture in your home is to check it carefully so that you can know why it was damaged because sometimes only moisture is the cause of damage to the furniture, so you should know the cause of the problem first and then deal with it.


Paper trap

The paper helps to get rid of termites because it has the cellulose, which works to attract ants and gives the smell of wood, which can not be resisted by ants and when you put some drops of water on it become more powerful smell and then put the paper near the places where ants and The Termite Termination Period has been met on the paper, immediately remove the paper or burn it to ensure that it does not come back again.


Put the furniture under the sun

The termites hate the sun because they are considered dead rays for them. So all you have to do is put the wooden furniture under the influence of the sun for a while to get rid of these insects, repeat this every day when the temperature is high and this will save you from insects completely and will help you too In the disposal of moisture in the furniture.


Processed oils

There are different types of natural oils that can be used to treat termites. The best of these oils is Neem and orange oil, which allows you to eliminate these pests very easily. You can use orange oil to kill termites because it contains a compound called yamonin. Very, you can also use Neem oil but it must be repeated over and over again to maintain its effectiveness in the whereabouts of ants until it is completely eliminated.


Powder of borax

Borex powder is a very common remedy for termites. You can use it in a spray bottle, for example furniture workshops and specifically infected areas. You can spray it on the ants directly and in either case you will be able to eliminate these insects completely.


Use pesticides

There are a lot of pesticides that can be used to get rid of termites effectively, but be careful to treat them because of the chemicals that are in it and known for their extreme toxicity, which should be kept out of the reach of your children and pets not to put them at risk of these substances, so read the instructions Before using any chemical.

You can easily protect your wooden furniture from termites by taking some precautions and precautions such as not storing scrap and unused furniture that leads to increased termites, and you can use oils and natural products such as cactus, which helps you get rid of these insects, which can also gather in places Therefore, you should avoid moisture and water leaks. When checking your home carefully, if you find any sign of termites, call a termite specialist or try some of the methods we discussed.




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