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Preventing Ants In Your Home

Got ants in your sink? If there was only one annoyance that came with owning your own home, it would be the pests that sometimes make their way inside and wreak their havoc on your peace of mind. These pests could be spiders, earwigs, wood bugs, centipedes, mice, rats or even snakes depending on where you live. However, one of the worse pests and the one that is the hardest to control when they get out of hand is ants. Fortunately, there are ways of preventing ants in your home.

Ants are very tiny and they tend to be more numerous than most other insects which means where there is one, there is usually hundreds or even thousands. Their small size is helpful in allowing them to get in through small entrance ways like cracks in window sills and doors. If they make a nest near your home, or worse, in your home, this can be extra troubling and difficult to control. Hopefully, with these tips, you won’t have to worry about getting rid of ants because you will prevent them from coming in to begin with.

The first tip is to take preventative measures before the ants appear. Seal any holes or breaks that could allow them entry. Put ant traps down in areas where you have spotted them in the past and make sure to follow the instructions correctly to ensure that they are being used properly. The way these traps work in preventing ants in your home is with bait that is inside the trap lures them into it where they get stuck and can’t exit the trap. Another tip is to sprinkle mint or spearmint essential oil around the doorway and anywhere else where ants can get through. The smell of these oils is repulsive to ants and they will not go near it and therefore not cross into the entrance way that contains it. Ant poison is also a deterrent but if you have pets or children or simply don’t want to use anything toxic around your home, talcum powder and tape barriers near entrance ways help stop ants in their tracks. Coffee grounds, vinegar and lemon juice are also said to be ant deterrents and some people claim that dumping soapy water around the edges of your home also kills and deters ants. Another good practice is to make sure food items in the pantry are sealed, pet food is taken off the floor when they are done eating and no leftovers and left around as these things can attract ants and other critters. The last tip that will help deter ants and all pests is lawn care. It’s a good idea to keep on top of the mowing and trimming as insects and critters tend to thrive in tall grass and bushes.

So it’s too late and the ants already got in. Now what do you do? Set more traps for one. Put any food items that could get infested in the fridge or somewhere where they cannot be reached by the ants. There is a type of trap available that allows the ant to enter it and grab the bait to take back to the nest where it will kill the entire colony. If you use this type of trap, it’s best not to kill the ants you see as this will prevent them from taking the bait back to the nest.

With these tips for preventing ants from entering your home and for getting rid of them is they do manage to get in, you should see a massive difference in the number of ants you see around your house. It may take time and few tries to succeed fully and you may need to employ several of these methods at once in order to successfully prevent an infestation or end one that has already started.