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How to Select Your Super White Dolomite Stone Benchtop

Everyone wishes for a white kitchen. But the question is can white kitchen remain white? If you love the look of a white kitchen but are avoiding it because it will be a cleaning nightmare, look at it this way: any kitchen is a cleaning nightmare. So, prepare to roll up your sleeves and pick the kitchen you really want. At Avant Stone, we are often asked about dolomite stone as a benchtop material. Hence, we decided to discuss the traits of Super White Dolomite in Sydney along with its most common uses and patterns available with us.

One of the most popular white natural stones in the last few years is Super White Dolomite in Sydney. With beautifully apportioned white and grey minerals in a marble like pattern having strength of a granite, this material has become an instant classic. At Avant Stone, Super White Dolomite in Sydney is available in different finishes like honed and polished in majorly two categories: simply Super White dolomite and Super White extra dolomite.

Super White dolomite Sydney

Super White Dolomite is a striking and exclusive white natural stone, denoted by its beautiful grey veining and its bold patterns. It is arguably the most sought-after white natural stone in the Australian market today. Super White dolomite in Sydney often contains heavy grey veining throughout with unique and complex cobwebbed patterns. Moreover, these are pressure resistant, heat resistant, and even wear resistant making them ideal to be used as Dolomite stone benchtops.

Super White Extra dolomite Sydney

Super White dolomite extra is popular for its rich white background with its dramatic grey veining. Super White Dolomite is a daring alternative to common white or grey marbles. A true natural masterpiece, Super White Dolomite harmonises with both light and dark elements effortlessly. Hence, most of our clients use this dolomite stone as benchtops, in vanities and even as flooring due its durability and recently arrived large format size slabs.

Avant Stone is one of the leading suppliers of the rare collection of Super White Dolomite in Sydney and its limited availability coupled with its high demand, makes it a real statement in any Australian residence or commercial building. You must be wondering how escalated its price must be. But trust me, our super white dolomite cost is the most competitive in Sydney’s market. The cost would however vary according to the texture, colour and veining of the slab. For viewing our Super White dolomite range in Sydney, or to know more about our Dolomite stone benchtops log on to