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How to Purchase the Quilt Cover of Right Size?

A quilt cover is used for putting over quilt similar to a pillowcase. There are many advantages of using quilt cover like it can be removed and washed and after that it can be placed on the dryer, which is not possible with the actual quilt.

Using quilt covers can be an easy and convenient way to keep bedding area neat and clean.

Quilt covers are available in different sizes, and buyers must know proper bed size and quilt size or duvet. Quilt cover sizes available from kid size to of king size. Following information is used to find and purchase right sized quilt cover sets.

  1. Measuring your bed size

First step for buying right quilt cover size will be to measure your bed. There can few different ways of measuring, but you can get correct measurements from the manufacturer’s website too.

However, it is better to measure the mattress’s right physical size and then add few centimetres to make sure that quilt cover will comfortably fit in the quilt.

  1. Using measuring tape

A simple measuring tape will be good enough to measure the quilt cover. Generally, you can simply measure the length and width and note down the measurements.

Normally, it will be better to measure minimum twice to ensure that all the measurements are done correctly because it is always a chance of misreading a tape measurement that might cause poor fit in the quilt covers.

  1. Standard bed sizes

There are few standard bed sizes which can be used for buying a right sized quilt cover. A better way to get correct size will be to compare measurement of your bed against charts available on few websites.

However, one can buy according to your type of bed. As an example, if your bed is queen size, then go for queen sized quilt cover.

  1. Choosing right sized quilt cover

First thing that you need to consider while selecting the right quilt cover size is that few prefer larger covers and others smaller covers.

Based on individual choice and the bed location, the quilt has only got to be sufficiently large to tuck under your bed, or you might prefer it draped almost to the floor.

  1. Quilt covers of floor length

Any floor length type quilt covers are purchased as a single-size from standard size though it may not always be possible. It may be easier to size up for getting a quilt with little more room but you must be careful.

Normally quilt must not be more than 1/3rd wider than the bed. To buy oversized quilt covers, just buy double for any single, and ‘queen’ for a double or a ‘king single’.

  1. Tucked-In quilt covers

Tucked-in length quilts usually are standard length for beds. They are just long enough for covering the mattress end from all the sides or will be tucked-in under corners of both sides to give an organised look.

This size of quilt is quite easy to purchase. Just look for quilt cover which is labelled as either ‘king’ or ‘queen’, and then you can make the purchase.

  1. Kid’s quilt covers

If you are looking for any quilt cover meant for child’s bed then you must check the cradle size. The rough size can be 71 X 133 cm but exact size may vary as per the manufacturer and also its style.

Therefore, measure the bed prior to buying and also keep rails in mind. However, if your bed is convertible, which can be used in the future, it will be better to buy larger quilt cover.