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How To Get Proper Sizing For New Plantation Shutters

In the quest of finding a window treatment for your home, the best choice is the plantation shutters. They differ from traditional shutters in a way that their louvers are smaller and narrower. For this reason, they let in a lot of light. This also creates a great view from the outside.

They are elegant, are inexpensive than draperies, which are custom made, and most importantly, they tend to increase the value of the house. They are available in brilliant and natural white colors. If you are looking to buy, there are several types and styles available in the market. You can have a company experienced in the same do the measurements for you, or you can do them by yourself.

They can be customized to fit all kinds of windows. They are made of good quality durable material. This gives them reinforcement so that they won’t be prone to cracks, peeling, fading, or warping. Their ideal positioning is the kitchen and the bathroom since they are moisture resistant and can last for a long period.

Getting the proper sizing for new plantation shutters can be done for two types of mounts. These are the inside and outside mounts. One should always check whether the windows are aligned properly. Your recess should always be square. To do this, measure the length from corner to corner on both sides diagonally.

The Inside Mount

For this type of mount, you should leave at least 65mm clearance on the inside of your window for recess.

The width is measured in three places. This is done across the bottom, the top and the middle of the window recess.

The drop is also measured from the right, the middle, and the left. No matter how small the dimensions are, they should be noted down without making any deductions. You can also choose the dimensions of the blades by thickness and width.

In cases where the windows are too big, measurement is made by T-posts. These divide the window vertically to get the correct measurement.

The mid rail position is measured by getting the figures from the bottom of the frame to the center point. However, these figures can vary depending on the final outlook of the drop size of the completed shutter. There is a need for top and bottom rails to reinforce the shutter. The choice of the frame solely depends on the type of window you have. This is important because it directs you on how the plantation shutters are going to be installed.

The outside mount

For this, your windows must have L shaped frames. Similar to the inside mount, to get the width, you have to take three measurements. These run from the edge of the architrave to the top, bottom, and middle of the window frame. The drop is measured by getting measurements from the topmost part of the architrave to the bottom keeping in mind the left, right, and the center position of the window. For this, you record the largest dimensions of the width and drop. For this, you need an L-shaped frame. They are best suited because they do project 78mm; thus, the projection of the blade will not go further beyond the frame.

Accurate and precise measurements result in achieving perfect shutters. Always take your measurements by using a steel tape to guarantee accuracy. Take note that windows of the same house may not have the same measurements; therefore, one should endeavor to take all measurements separately. It is also essential to understand that professionals can do these measurements if one fails or is confused about how to do so.

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