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Hiring Fireplace Cleaning Services

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When thinking about add-ons to have in a home, one of the things that comes to find is to have a fireplace in the living area. A fireplace ads to the decor of a room but most importantly, it provides a cozy heat to your main living space, especially on cold, damp nights. While having a fireplace has many benefits, one needs to remember that installing one in any home comes with some maintenance that needs to be done periodically to keep it runny safely and smoothly.

One of the main maintenance items that come with owning a fireplace keeping it clean. You can clean the fireplace yourself or hire fireplace cleaning services to do the job for you. There are many reasons that it is important to keep your fireplace clean including:

  • To remove any obstructions that may have accumulated over time
  • To prevent a fire that can arise from there being old debris accumulation in the chimney
  • To keep up with your home insurance provider’s requirements.
  • To enhance and lengthen the lifespan of the unit and its components
  • To help ensure that the fireplace is running smoothly and efficiently
  • To reduce odours
  • To reduce dirty, harmful smoke from entering your home that can make you and your family members sick

Due to the fact that the fireplaces are mostly used during the cold winter months, the best time to clean one if during the spring when you won’t be using it as much through the warmer summer months. One important thing you should do several times a year, regardless if it’s time to clean your chimney or not is to use a chimney cleaning log to reduce creosote, tar and soot build-up that accumulates over time in wood and log-burning fireplaces. If you use your fireplace more often than average, you may need to clean it twice a year in the spring and fall. You will know if your fireplace needs to be cleaned if it’s doesn’t burn efficiently, if there are strange odours when burning and if the smoke is thicker than usual.

When it is time to do your yearly fireplace maintenance, it can be difficult to do yourself unless you have the expertise. The best way to go about this is to hire fireplace cleaning services. Your town or city likely has someone who does this for a decent fee or the company you bought the fireplace from may offer such services. Conduct a search online for fireplace cleaning services and sort through the results. Call around to get a best price and when you find a company you want to deal with, make an appointment and put that date aside for someone to be home when they come. The cleaning service itself should take about 45 minutes to an hour as long as the cleaning service workers don’t run into any other problems. The cost will depend on the type of fireplace, how dirty it is and whether or not there are any additional problems to take care of. The fireplace cleaner will inspect and maintain all aspects of the fireplace including the chimney and vents. The company will likely provide you with some tips to maintain your fireplace until the next visit and they will likely give you the option to book another appointment in the future if you would like.

Maintaining your fireplace will ensure that you enjoy this luxury add-on for many years to come. The coziness and comfort it brings to your home is the main advantage of having it but you will also see a reduction in home heating costs as it is one of the cheapest ways to heat a home.