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Different Varieties Of Table Saws Available In The Market

Table saws are the heart of every workshop nowadays, as it is considered to be a very useful tool that can do many different kinds of cuts as needed for various kinds of projects.

Let’s discuss about few different kinds of best table saws under 500 available in the market.

There three main categories of portable table saws which are as follows:


Job site

Stationary table saw

Benchtop saw

Usually, this type of saw is the lightest and also smallest in size. They are meant for light duty work and generally fitted on the bench.

This type of saw is perfect for hobbyists’ people who prefer to indulge in DIY projects. The cost of this kind of saw will also be much cheaper than other varieties.

Jobsite saws

This type of saw is generally used by the contractors for their projects and they use them on their jobsites. Professionals use these to cut wood. They are usually more rugged and also have number of different functions.

Some of them are portable and a few may be fitted with wheel-sets, so that it can be easily carried from one place to other. These saws are little more powerful as compared to benchtop saw.

Stationary table saw

These varieties of table saws designed in such a way that they stay at one place. There are few different types of stationary saws as follows:

Contractor saw

This is cheaper and smaller alternative to larger saws and used by professionals who are interested to do serious jobs in their workshops.

Hybrid saw

Hybrid saws are more powerful than above saws. These are meant for better cuts and proper dust collection.

Cabinet saw

Usually, little bigger in size as compared to above two varieties.