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Consider DIY To Eliminate Pests From Your Home

You have labored hard to acquire a home that you can call your own. Your house should be the nicest place to be for you and your loved ones. However, some undesirable creatures and pests will eventually infest your valuable property. As a home-owner, you need to take immediate actions and identify with how does pest control work to avoid and to eliminate those annoying bugs. Eradicating them should be your number one priority, and most often, applying a do-it-yourself system works wonder. When pest problems have already created significant damages, pest control services may be critical. However, do-it-yourself can help you get by if you are doing some preventive maintenance.

If you do the treatment for insects, you need to understand some procedures before application of pest-control products. First, you should determine the location where the pest is dwelling. It could be in your rooms, outside your home, particularly the grounds or the nearby trees. Next, understand the reasons why these pests are being attracted to your home. This may include the sweet scent of your kitchen or perhaps the wet and messy flooring.

Ants Removal

The nature of ants is to find their food continuously. Usually, they need moisture for their dried foods for easy digestion. During the dry season, that is when they will begin to seek for wet areas, and if your house has leaky faucets or pipes, ants will surely start infesting your home. A tried and true method of dealing with ants without spraying chemicals is to mix borax with sugar. The sugar is used to attract the ants while the borax makes them sick. Just sprinkle it around your yard and inside your kitchen

Flying insects

The number of flying insects seems to increase every year, while some of these insects can be disease-carrying in most cases they are just irritating. The easiest way to get rid of them is to prevent them from entering your home. Repair or add window screens to every window in your home. The insects inside your home can be kept away from you by turning on a light.
Most of them should be attracted to the light. Flies and recluse spiders can be caught using sticky traps. Sticky traps are available at most surplus stores. Just lay the traps down on the wall and the furniture.

Another way is to get rid of all the stagnant water inside and around your home. If there is a leaking pipe, get it fixed, if there is water under your indoor plants’ tray then fix the problem with a drainage system.

Rodent removal

If rodents are your problem and despite grills, nets and electric fences you’re still being bothered, then the problem lies with nearby trees. Usually, trees near your home with branches touching or entering through the window can be the root of the problem. Rodents are known to climb up trees and enter your home from there. The best thing you can do is to eliminate the branches that touch your home. Then replace all wooden window frame with aluminum ones, these are a lot harder to chew on for rodents. Also, make sure to insert steel wool into any hole that is over half an inch wide.


Pests vary from region to region and therefore may have a different type of reactions to certain products. DIY products can save you money than purchasing expensive brands with the same ingredients and formulation. They have different products like baits, spread, sprays, dust, fog, and mist for preventing many types of pests. All you require is the information on how does pest control work and find out the appropriate product for your requirements, and you can already deal with your problem on your own.

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