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Can Blinds Lower My Heating And Cooling Costs?  

Are you looking for innovative ways to reduce your energy bills? Well, energy-efficient blinds are a practical solution.

Australia has a harsh climate, with a scorching sun that can increase the usage of air conditioners. Once a month Aussies find themselves in the same predicament – walking to the mailbox to fetch the dreaded energy bill.

So, how about adding some window treatments like blinds to battle the heat? Outfitting your windows with blinds can be an aesthetically pleasing way to lower your bill. Yes, let’s go over how making these small changes can have a significant impact on your wallet.


By simply swapping old window treatments with vertical blinds can result in energy savings up to 17% throughout a year. You can find Australian made blinds online that offers year-around insulation and energy savings while adding beauty to your home.

Window blinds are functional, popular, and beautiful window treatment. Usually, they are made of wood, metal, a composite or bamboo. All the blinds offer a classic look and can be matched with any décor style which gives a clean look to your windows. You can buy blinds online as well as in retail shops.

How can blinds reduce energy bills? 

During the winter season, heat is lost from your house through convection and conduction whereas, during summer, heat is transferred into your home through a process called solar heat gain. Blinds can fight all these three.


During the cold months, the heated air in your home can seep out through the roof, the windows or even through the walls themselves. During hot months, this process is reversed as hot air flows inside. Treating your windows with blinds can block the heat flow. This helps your rooms stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while reducing the use of heating and cooling units.


Air drafts can be forced into your home through windows when it is windy or stormy. Stopping these drafts from entering your house will help you maintain the temperature. Blinds can help fight convection by working as an insulated barrier to cold air away.

Solar heat gain: 

The UV rays from the scorching sun not only heat the exterior of your house but also bring warmth through your windows. While letting sun rays inside the home can be better in the winter, solar heat gain can cause interior rooms to warm and force your air conditioning unit to work harder during the summer season.  Vertical blinds can effectively block the sun rays while allowing necessary light to illuminate your rooms naturally.

Made up your mind to treat your windows with blinds? Well, you can find blinds online. You can even find standard size vertical blinds online. So, choose the one that suits your décor and budget and install them on your windows to reduce energy bills.