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Avoid These Interior Design Blunders (Free Practical Tips for You)

Decorating your interior space can be a fun and fulfilling exercise if done right. However, a slight misjudgment or wrong decision can be disastrous. Home décor products don’t come cheap, a lot of time and effort is required and the end product should be what you desired from the start.

Most interior designers tend to struggle with the same issues; lousy color combinations, unnatural lighting, wrongly placed posters and paintings, etc. The following are five interior design blunders that anyone can commit coupled with free practical tips to avoid or fix them.

1.     Mismatching Colors

Color matching and coordination is an important aspect of good interior design. Your choice of wall paints should ideally match, contrast, or complement the furniture in your home. Interior designers who don’t use the color wheel always struggle. For instance, dark colors such as grey or black should be paired with lighter furniture and fixtures for a contrasting effect that is classy and also easy on theeyes.

Tip- How to Avoid/ Fix This Mistake– It’s always good to chooseheavy furniture and other expensive fixtures before selecting a wall paint. Paint is relatively cheap to buy and change but the furniture is not. Always consult the color wheel and come up with the right color combination that works for you. Start with your preferred color and use the color wheel to choose the other colors that you will use.

2.     Randomly Positioning Pictures and Posters

Pictures and posters can be used to add character to bare walls. However, some people don’t take time to pick the right frames, sizes and right place to hang or place them. Too many pictures or posters placed together on a wall can kill the entire interior design. Some people even hang different shaped/sized frames together, thus making the interior space appear more crowded and cramped than it is.

Tip- How to Avoid/ Fix This Mistake– Take time to select the right spots to hang your posters and try not to overdo it. A single large poster is better than several smaller pieces as it is easier on the eyes and can make a small space look bigger. Ideally, rectangular-shaped frames should not be mixed with square or round-shaped frames.

Most importantly, the color of the frame should blend or contrast with the wall paint in your home.  Remember, there are different frame types for every interior design style.  For instance, Modern digital photo frames are usually thin and best used in a modern interior while some Italian handmade frames fit in a vintage styled interior. These sustainable design posters come in different sizes and frames, perfect for someone looking for a versatile decoration option for their walls.

3.     Scale- Putting Too Many Similar Sized Items in aSingle Space

It takes a keen and talented eye to get the scaling right when it comes to picking for a single area. People always make a mistake of choosing similar sized items such as tables, chairs and couches for a single space like a living room.  Such as space might end up looking bland, cluttered or just smaller than it is.

Tip- How to Avoid/ Fix This Mistake– Choose different sized items to make a space more interesting to look at. Tall chairs paired with small couches will transform an uninteresting space into an exciting one. Pay particular attention to the smaller items like flower pots, floor pillows, ottomans and how they are positioned. For example, throw pillows should ideally come in different sizes and shapes.

Final Remarks

It’s always good to have a solid plan when doing a new interior design project. Colors are critical and should be carefully selected to avoid frustrations. You can also seek some third-party input should you get stuck or have doubts. Some of the choices you have to make can be a bit confusing if you are doing the interior on your own.