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Architect – Client Relationship

Architect – client conflicts are common and often both of them get into legal complications and drag each other to the court. Whether it is new construction or a renovation, error may occur. No architect or designer would give a no error guarantee, if anybody does so, no insurance company would support it! On the other hand, every client expects and often over expects in terms of perfect deliverables in perfect time, possible with minimum expenditure across various obstacles and difficulties of the team of architecture, taken for granted. Eventually, both the party assures mutual conflict resolution in the initial understanding. Consult with Stendel + Reich for less or no-conflict deliverables on each architectural project on a guaranteed basis.

The role of an architect starts much before his signing of the agreement. The architect should well in ahead create an amicable relationship with the client and make him understand that the architect is a human being and might err. Even the doctors and lawyers do not provide 100% success of their performance.

Similarly, the role of the client is to clearly understand the agreement, all the reports and documents that are produced, recorded shared with him from time to time. If he does not go through them, does not frequently discuss with the team of architects about the constraints of the progress, he or she will be definitely frustrated when problems emerge. Contact for best interpersonal development and soft skill, to Stendel + Reich.

The following are some insights which the client should understand and the architect must make the client understand.

  • Services which are provided by the architect are not products.
  • The architect deals with the design and is supposed to advise and recommends his or suggestions. It is the construction contractor who is responsible for the entire execution.
  • The documents and records of the construction are not detail description of all tit and bit of the entire procedures and processes of the building, it’s not possible. Therefore, the client is expected to ask questions which the architect needs to answer. On the other hand, the client should also understand the limitation and should minimise his or her questions. Get in touch with Stendel + Reich for best documentation practices for further conflict resolution.
  • There are emerging problems in every construction and minor alteration occurs everywhere. The client must anticipate the probable changes.
  • The architect normally has no perfect knowledge of the fluctuation of prices particularly of the costs of material, equipment, fuel and other energy, and labour. Therefore, changes in cost or budget is inevitable.

If both the parties are conscious of the above aspects of the roles of client and architect, the rate of conflict will never increase. If however, there are potential reasons for conflicts, that too can be amicably decided and compromised before entering into the judiciary. Get your conflicts amicably sorted out with Stendel + Reich.