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All about collaborating with a commercial architectural practice!

Commercial projects and buildings require architecture expertise beyond the obvious. Regardless of whether you need help with a food plant or need to design a commercial space that can accommodate many offices, you need a team that has the necessary experience and has worked with clients in the sector and beyond. If you are in Montreal, you can always get in touch with companies like Stendel + Reich, but we still recommend that you consider some of the aspects listed below.

Work profile

Any architect firm can claim great things about their team, projects and expertise, but the best way to evaluate the same is to review their work profile. Understanding the track record, areas of specialization, and their experience specifically in regards to your region are things that matter. The idea is to find a firm that appreciates the budgets, concerns, and risks related to commercial projects, and is also familiar and well-versed with codes and regulations applicable in this industry.

Seek references

For commercial projects in particular, this is an absolute must. You have to find more on their clients and biggest collaborations, and fret not, because most firms like to wear their projects as badges of honor and would be more than happy to share details. You can call up a few clients or meet them in person to know their experience. Pat answers never really make sense. When a company offers a reference, they have obviously considered the response, but you need to know the ground-level experience with the concerned architect firm.

Know their team

Typically, commercial projects have many verticals, and the budgets are huge. The number of people working on it makes a huge difference, and it is necessary to find an architectural practice that has a team in place. We are not talking about the main architects here, but the brains that would be available and working on your project.

Work process

When it comes to creating, designing, and launching a project, the first few steps are pretty standard with most architectural practices. It is absolutely necessary that you follow the work process that a company has in mind, because delays and any errors in planning may mean months of extra work.

Understanding and evaluating what an architectural practice brings to your commercial project may take time, but we recommend that you do the research. Check online now to find more on the best firms near you.