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A Quick Guide To Packing Your Items For The Big Move

You’ve completed on a house but now it’s time to start the dreaded packing. Of course, you’re excited about moving into your new home and settling into your new space but the whole idea of moving can create a lot of anxiety.

You will need to start thinking about hiring a removal company Chester and pack all your belongings into boxes ensuring that they get from one home to another safely.

Before you jump right in and start packing, you will need to gather basic packing supplies. Having enough packing supplies is crucial to efficient packing. No one wants to be interrupted halfway through packing because you’ve no tape or boxes left!

Some packing items that you will need or need to consider are:

  •         Small packing boxes
  •         Medium packing boxes
  •         Large packing boxes
  •         Heavy duty or specialist boxes
  •         Wardrobe boxes
  •         Packing tape
  •         Bubble wrap
  •         Newspaper
  •         Furniture wrap
  •         Permanent markers and labels

Once you’ve got all your items ready you can now start packing!

Follow these Chester removal companies packing tips that we have put together to make the process of packing go smoothly.

Start Early. If you decide to pack everything in one day, which may be ambitious if you have a lot to pack then you need to make sure you get up bright and early to start packing. There is nothing worse than being up to 2 in the morning trying to finish packing everything the day before your move. Not only will you be tired on moving day but you will end up being incredibly grouchy, and who wants that when you’re moving into your new home. Our advice is to start packing one box a day, but make sure you leave enough time to do so in advance.

Start with items you don’t use. When packing you should always start with the items that you don’t regularly use. Items such as decorative pieces and those that get used every now and again, or that you don’t plan on using in the run up to moving. It is good to tackle these items first, and it makes it less daunting when you get to the important stuff.

De-clutter. Moving is a great excuse to de-clutter your home. Allow yourself extra time to go through your things and to decide whether you want to keep, sell or give them away. It is likely that when you move to your new home that you will acquire new things, so getting rid of the old and making way for the new is a must.

Pack room by room. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of packing that you see before you, but if you tackle it room by room it will make the packing process much more manageable. Make sure when you are packing to label each and every box, not only on the top but on the sides, which room the box belongs in and the general items within the box. This will make it easier for you to unpack at the other end which will save a lot of lifting and opening boxes to find out what is in them.

Just remember, moving is meant to be a happy time in your life, so make sure that it’s stress-free by following these simple steps.