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A 5 Step Guide to Help You Choose Art for Your Office


It doesn’t matter if you just want art to fill the white walls in your office, motivate employees or to impress your clients, it can be pretty difficult when it comes to choosing art for your office wall. Here is a 5 step guide to help you decorate your office wall with wall art.

#1: Consider your brand

When your clients enter your office, what do you want them to think? Does your wall art say anything about your brand, culture and character or it just appears as any other company without a face out there? It is always important you leave a good first impression of what your brand is in your wall art. Utilize brand colors that includes your brand values. You can take it further to display how professional your company is by getting Big Acrylic metal prints.

#2: Be careful of first impression

Art is a perfect way to begin small talk. You can use the story of what your artwork represents and how you acquire it to open the conversation of any meeting and also make it a good talking point because everybody like to hear a story.

#3: Mind your budget

If you desire to impress your clients but finds it a bit difficult to spend on expensive artwork, you can position more costly work in visible areas of your company – perhaps the meeting room or the lobby. You also don’t have to buy an artwork if it’s too expensive for you. You can just rent it to cut some cost. It you can’t afford to pay $10k at once for a painting, you can rent it for $300 for a month.

#4: Carry your employees along

According to studies, there is tendency to increase productivity up to 30% when you involve employees in the decoration of their surroundings. Even if you can get a wall art that will appeal generally to all your employees, you can allow them choose artworks for their individual workspace so far it fits the corporate décor of the company.

#5: Try to mix things up

If you or your employees are the type that get easily bored, you can tone things up by varying the wall arts every year. You may not need to buy the art, you can just rent from some companies that offers such. But if you will be buying, consider buying from a reliable company.