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5 Reasons to Choose Ceramic Tiles for Your Home Remodeling Project

Surely, tiling have the aesthetic and architectural benefits, but nowadays health benefits are considered too. The article lists some of the reasons on why you should choose Ceramique au Sommet for your next project. 

  • It keeps the indoor air healthy

Homeowners must learn the fact that everything they put in their home space impacts the air quality they breathe in. This entails flooring, walls and other surfaces in your home. Ceramic tiles are made of natural substances. The surfaces covered by ceramic never emits VOCs or volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, and other factors that emit allergies.

  • It is hypoallergenic

You may find many people who got their flooring replaced with ceramics because of health reasons. The ceramic tile surfaces contains no allergens, they are easy to maintain and they only need to be swept or mopped with water only. You don’t even need harmful chemicals to clean the floor. In other words, there will be no dust mites, pet dander, pollen or any other kind of allergen on ceramic flooring. These tiles actually make your life easy.

  • They are tangible

Apart from the fact that they are attractive, these tiles make you want to touch them. Call it a matter of your least concern when you come in contact with these tiles, they don’t expose you to any toxic chemicals. This is not the very case with other flooring or wall covering solutions. A few chemicals like formaldehyde, halogenated flame retardants, or phthalates, could be easily found in your vinyl, wood or carpet. But you wouldn’t find them in ceramic tiles.

  • They are mold and mildew proof

Mold and mildew need water and food to thrive. Ceramic tiles are the most mild and mildew proof tiling you will ever find in the market. This is because the ceramic tile is formulated with the help of the naturally organic materials and they never support hungry spores. When you disinfect the surface, ceramic tiles are the only ones that don’t need bleach and other kinds of toxic disinfectants. You can easily clean the surface with a simple soap and water solution. 

  • They are fire proof too

Ceramic tiles don’t burn because they are non-flammable. And this doesn’t even cause any smoke or emit any toxic gas like other floorings do when they burn. Hence, this is why installing ceramic tiles is a healthy choice.