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5 Details You Need to Note During Home Staging

The Home Staging tries to show the potential buyer the full potential of the house, placing it in a cozy space where it is much easier to imagine living in it. The better the house is presented; the more potential customers will get to visit it and therefore more possibilities to sell it. This technique uses decoration, lighting, styling, and photography to present the home to potential clients attractively.

We will tell you some details that you should keep in mind to apply these techniques:

·         Prepare the House So That It Looks Fine

Home Staging consists of taking care of all the details to get a good impression. Decoration and old furniture, shabby curtains, chips, and dampness in walls, tiles that dance, etc. We must take care of any detail that may captivate or scare away buyers.

·         Furniture and Basic Decoration

If the house is unoccupied or with old and ugly furniture, we must assess the possibility of placing new furniture, even temporarily to receive visitors. In the case of luxury homes, these pieces of furniture and decoration should be at the height of the house and in line with the purchasing power of the prospective buyer. To sell this type of housing, we may need to resort to a decorator.

·         House Cleaning

The first step is to do a good thorough cleaning. Everything must be spotless and clean when an interested visitor is received in the house. This includes any element that we could imagine: switches, taps, attics, windows, lamps, cabinets, shelves, appliances, corners, balconies, terraces, gardens, hallways.

·         Repair Flaws in the Home

Before receiving the first interested visitors in the house, we must check that there is no damage, such as a door that does not close properly, a tap that does not drip, moisture in the wall, etc.

Making basic improvements in housing will add value and can help you get a sale for a more attractive price. It is very probable that the investment compensates this small reform.

But this everything can be done without manually staging everything of the home. This will reduce a lot of price for the owner or agent of the property. You just have to take pictures of the house, and then on your computer, you can design everything on Virtual Staging software. You can remove things you don’t want in the pictures and add things that you want in the house just by editing the picture.