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4 Simple Tips for A Happy Kitchen Remodel

It can be exciting when you think of embarking on a kitchen remodel but it comes with some challenges which could be nerve-wracking. However, it is possible to make the process less expensive, easier and even more successful. Apart from giving the job to professional kitchen renovators like Renovco contracteur, here are also some great tips to help you to eliminate headaches, expensive mistakes and get you the kitchen of your dream.

#1: Set up a temporary kitchen

While your main kitchen is out of commission, a temporary kitchen will allow you to make your morning coffee, wash dishes and cook. You can build the makeshift kitchen while saving a few of your old countertops and cabinets. Functionality is the goal here so you don’t need a fancy set up. If necessary, cut the countertop to fit and install the cabinet. The items for preparing meals such as coffeemaker, microwave, hot plate, a toaster oven can then be added. The idea here is to put your old cabinets to use!

#2: Try an island before you buy

Adding a center island could be worth the cost if you want more counter and storage space. It is important you try out an island before making any commitment to one because it can make for cramped quarters, reduce traffic flow to one-way with no passing, and limit the number of people working in the kitchen. You can build a full-scale model to try it out. You can also try out a kitchen trolley instead if there’s no space for an island.

#3: Leave space for a bigger fridge

If you’re getting a wider fridge model later, make sure you are leaving enough space between cabinets. To fill up any extra space, you can install panels or filler strips. The panels and filler strips should be ordered with your cabinet to ensure that they match. The idea here is to provide space if you’ll get a wider fridge model later.

#4: Make space for a mini office

As part of the remodel, you can decide to also use your kitchen as an office. You won’t be needing a lot of space for that. Even a small seating area with a computer station is enough for an office. You can add outlets for plugging in your computer equipment and also internet access. You can also add a recessed wall cabinet or storage space to arrange your paperwork. The idea here is to build a kitchen office into your remodel!