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4 Features Of Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels That Are Totally Worth A Read

Whether you’re redecorating your house for holidays or just renovating it, you must consider the option of installing cast stone fireplace mantels that are trending these days. And if you’re wondering what fireplace mantels are, then, they are the decor pieces that can be installed around your fireplace to give it an artistic touch and a more refined look. However, the value of cast stone mantels isn’t just curtailed to being showpieces, they offer many other benefits that you’ll be learning about in the guide to follow.

4 Prominent Features Of Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels That Are Too Good To Be Ignored

To begin with, cast stone or limestone fireplace mantels like Omega Toronto fireplace mantels are valuable additions that can totally increase the sales value of a house manifold. Other than this, some noteworthy features of these stone chimney marvels are given below.

  1. They Are Long-Lasting – Cast stone fireplace mantels are one time investments because they are highly resistant to fire. Which is why they do not burn or change color when the actual fire is put on. In fact, cast stone actually draws heat from the fire, preserves it, and distributes it in the room, insulating it from the cold outside. All in all, it is good to have them during the winter season
  2. They Are Of Different Kinds – When talking about cast stone, you must know that it can be built in a number of customized shapes. Also, you can choose between colors and patterns like Gray open cast, chocolate diamond, Sahara diamond, natural open cast, limestone open cast, ash diamond, ash veined honed, and pearl honed
  3. They Come At Different Prices – You shouldn’t confuse fireplace mantels as expensive options only. Despite true that specific pieces like the regal overmantels are expensive, there are many budget-friendly options too. Thus, you can always discuss the price range with the designer you hire and select a fireplace mantel that falls within your budget
  4. They Are Multipurpose – Fireplace mantels can be built with storage cabinets. You can also decorate them during the Christmas season. Besides, they can be used to keep books or picture frames – whatever dimensions they can support – on the top. All in all, they intensify the beauty of the house in a number of ways

To conclude, cast stone fireplace mantels like the limestone mantels are beautiful long lasting stone decors that can also be carved upon for an elaborate finish.