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15 cities that give the most employment opportunities

Are you looking for a job? These are the 15 cities that give the most employment opportunities to young people.

Millenials seem to prefer life in expensive cities, rather than in the suburbs. a website, compiled the Millennials Cities Ranking list, which is based on 16 factors to identify areas that are most desirable from this age group.

The ranking looked at key elements such as cost of living, access to public transport and employment opportunities. He also calculated factors of particular interest to millenials, such as internet speed, gender equality, beer cost and Apple’s number of stores.

See below which cities are at the top of the list:


One of the largest and most important ports in the world, Amsterdam follows innovative ideas in trade and commerce, resulting in the city becoming the dominant economic center and diamond trading center. The capital of the Netherlands is also a city known for its progressiveness in the thought and tolerance of its inhabitants in the different, while it is the most multicultural city in the world, with people from 177 nationalities living permanently in 2007.


Berlin is one of the largest and most important European cities, known for its multiculturalism and tolerance for diversity, with a lively nightlife and a multitude of museums and historical monuments.


Germany’s third-largest city, Munich is an important hub of transport, road, rail and air transport and is a renowned shopping mall in Europe.


The small and colorful city of Portugal has managed to preserve in its traditional corners an authenticity that is rarely found in another city. It is worth noting that Lisbon received the title of European Youth Capital for 2012, while Coimbra has one of the oldest and oldest European universities.


Antwerp is the World Center of Diamonds. Cosmopolitan, with interesting architectural and historical buildings, the capital of the Flemish province is an ideal destination for those who love good life, good food and good beer.


Unique architecture, historical monuments, artistic heritage, lively neighborhoods for walks and nightlife. The densely populated Barcelona is the most cosmopolitan city in the country.


One of the largest French cities with intense cultural interest, Roman ruins, trendy shopping streets and, most importantly, award-winning restaurants of authentic French cuisine.


It is not the most beautiful city in the world, but it is warm and hospitable, with intense cultural life. All this is enough for the millenials, who “vote” in Cologne as an ideal place to live.


Charming and atmospheric, the City of Light is a top destination for tourists as well as for those who want to make a fresh start.


On the west bank of Canada, Vancouver insists on gaining the top spot in the list of cities with the best living conditions.


Lille is the fourth largest metropolitan area in France, after Paris, Lyon and Marseille. Historically, it is an industrial city particularly in the textile sector and today it is struggling to change its economic model with the shift to services. A key element of Lille’s new economic model is the University of the City, which numbers over 100,000 students.


In the heart of Europe, the economic and cultural center of Switzerland, Zurich promises to its inhabitants a beautiful and quality life. Relocation to Switzerland seems to be a great option, if you decide to visit the experts of cosmos values real estate.


A Mediterranean city, intimate and multi-level, extroverted and at the same time balanced and unpopular. Valencia is the third largest urban center in Spain, a city bathed in the Iberian sun.


Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands, and because of its multicultural society, foreigners living in the city are mainly there for work rather than entertainment, as in Amsterdam.


Montreal is Canada’s second largest city after Toronto and the best student city for 2017.